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This is WEEKEND EDITION from NPR News. Im Scott Simon. Time for sports.

Madness, I tell you, sheer madness. March Madness higher ahead. Melo-madness is here so we’ve loosened the straps on the straightjacket of NPR’s Tom Goldman, any person who bonds us. Good morning, Tom.


SIMON: You know, this weekend – broadly nfl jersey articulating after you cite high college basketball sporting activities, you might think Duke, Carolina, Texas, Kansas, right? Arizona, UCLA…

SIMON: …but this weekend’s seal game is Brigham Young, the university in Utah – not the guy – Brigham Young versus San Diego State.

(Soundbite of laughter)


SIMON: I know it was a good – that wasnt a evil-minded ad lib.

(Soundbite of laughter)

SIMON: So how did the…


SIMON: How did these couple teams from a group assemblage that is not examined a basketball vitality become the game to watch, and possibly the couple teams to watch this year?

GOLDMAN: Well, they’re truly good. BYU is organised Number 7th in the nation in the AP poll, San Diego State Number 6 in the AP, Number 4 in another poll. You know, in a season after no men’s college basketball team is Hotel Slippers demonstrating utter dominance, why not consider that these teams could go far in the NCAA Tournament subsequent month?

Now, the game on CBS today reportedly is first time couple Mountain West Conference teams in any recreational activities is being televised survive, by an through the sky network. And, you know, it’s fairly a high deal. And not to pointlessly ootz the BCS, Scott – the college football’s post-season function – but one thinks come seal how another Mountain West team, undefeated TCU, was withdrew out of terminal season’s championship football game because, of Wedding Dresses Online course, there’s no playoff in college football.

Of course, thats not the covering in men’s basketball. BYU, San Diego State will receive their shot to create the Mountain West and may be at the mountain top.

SIMON: Yeah, oh-ho. Oh, oh.

GOLDMAN: Oh-ho-ho, how come seal that?

SIMON: All right, thats not a evil-minded one. Jimmer Fredette scored 43 points terminal time they met. San Diego can modification that now?

GOLDMAN: Tough to do. You know, later that 43-point performance, NBA star, Kevin Durant – who’s pretty good offensively himself – he tweeted: Jimmer Fredette is the best scorer in the world. And terminal year, Fredette scored 33 points against San Diego State even after he had strep throat and mono.

But San Diego State has a very arduous defensive team. In sighting, defense is the Aztec’s specialty. Plus, they’re playing the game nfl jersey at the Aztec’s Viejas Arena. It will be rocking because Aztec fans are treating this like the greatest game ever.

SIMON: Big NBA news this week, of course. Carmelo Anthony and numerous Denver Nuggets went to the New York Knicks, in exchange for four players – numerous draft picks, and I think Croatia’s gross national product.

(Soundbite of laughter)

SIMON: But, you know, they immobile couldnt overcome the strong Cleveland Cavaliers terminal night time, could they?

GOLDMAN: I love that. Thats so funny.

SIMON: That aside, does this readdress the east-west residual of vitality in the NBA?

GOLDMAN: Well, you know, yes, Carmelo’s in New York, Darron Williams in New Jersey. That everlasting sends numerous seal dogs to the east. You received those guys in Miami, of course, those high three. But, you know, Boston sending Kendrick Perkins to Oklahoma City – population are immobile scratching their chiefs come seal that and say that that may reduce the best team in the east, Boston.

San Antonio is immobile examined the best team Adobe cs4 in the NBA right now. The Lakers are the two-time protecting champs. So the west isnt forgotten by any stretch.

SIMON: And there becomes visible to be numerous attention – I’ve read this in a small proportion locations -within the NBA, that they might be becoming the league of half a dozen principle market teams. You know, the ones in New York, Chicago, L.A., Boston and Miami, withdrawing the unwind of the league as fashion of a peripheral league franchises that just feed talent to the principle teams.

GOLDMAN: Uh-huh. ell, attention I think is too forceful a term. In sighting, it is -an NBA official conveyed me that. But is nfl jersey
the NBA aware? Yes. And is the NBA monitoring this? Yes. Stars midpoint a lot more in the NBA because they can straight away affect the aftermath of sporting activities, more so than stars in the NFL and Major League Baseball. So the NBA is aware that too many of these guys in a small proportion locations could generate this league, you know, as you say, a league of haves and have-nots.

That NBA official conveyed me yesterday, the league would like to be more NFL-ish, as he said – more parity, more fans truly expecting their team has an reliable shot at winning the title. And so, the NBA has numerous models Dvd movies floating round object how to constraint the clumping of stars. And those models may pop higher in upcoming labor negotiations.

SIMON: Sad function this morning, too; funeral services in Chicago for earlier NFL safety Dave Duerson. Wonderful career, of course, played on the ’85 Super Bowl heroic person, Bears, and afterward resultant, Super Bowl team for the Giants.

He shot himself to death in the chest February 17th. Dave Duerson was 50, educated, delightful. He withdrew a message asking his intellectual be studied for possible impairment during his playing days. This could have real repercussions.

GOLDMAN: Well, it could. And, you know, there are immobile coulds and perhapses encircling this story. You know, he said, reportedly he texted his family that he trusts his intellectual to be studied for chronic ghd straighteners traumatic encephalopathy, CTE. It’s a intellectual illness linked to hole and suicide. Some football players, retirees have shown this. We immobile don’t know come seal Duerson; if this is another covering and if it’s football related. But, yes, this subject were conveyed is component of existing labor negotiations between the NFL and its players union.

SIMON: Yeah. We ought message he also unhappily had a lot of economic difficulties and bodily difficulties, too, so.


NPR’s Tom Goldman, thanks so much.

GOLDMAN: Youre meet, Scott.

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